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  • May 27, 2014
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Marj the Dog Trainer

Marjorie Satterfield

Marjorie “The Dog Trainer” Satterfield is an award winning author, breeder, exhibitor, trainer and judge. Marj has been instructing professionally since 1974. She has trained dogs in all facets, including competitive obedience (all levels), conformation handling, stock dogs, Therapy dogs, service dogs (GFreedom Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs International), tracking, search and rescue and protection work.  Additionally, she has started successful  inmate dog training programs. As a 4-H leader for 20+ years she has a special interest in dogs and kids working together.

Part of Marj’s career history includes radio and TV shows, productions of Pet trade shows, numerous published articles and a soon-to-be-published book!  She has one son (a great trainer in his own right) and shares her home with various rescue dogs, cats, birds, emus and various livestock.

Marj believes that very few dogs are “untrainable,” in fact, it’s often the owners’ behavior that is sending mixed messages to the dog, resulting in a “bad” dog.  Is your dog impossible to house train, chewing your favorite shoes, barking at the wind, dashing out the door, terrified of thunderstorms (or earthquakes!), growling at strangers or suffering from separation anxiety?

Or maybe you, like so many others, are tired of getting dragged around the neighborhood by your furry friend who thinks that “heel” means to pull your arm out of its socket as he/she charges ahead on your walks.If so maybe it is time to “Call Marj”

A sensible loving approach and an acute understanding of dog behavior coupled with over 40 years of professional experience gives Marj a special insight to dog training.

Sophia Trotta
Has been training with Marj the Dog Trainer since she was 9 years old. An accomplished Junior competitor; she has successfully trained 5 Service Dogs for our Glad Wags Service Dog training facility. Sophia has been an assistant trainer for the last 4 years and can count over 500 dogs trained through our classes. She is always available for questions and assistance both in our classes and after. We are very blessed to have such an accomplished young woman as part of our staff.

Shala Sims
Shala came to us to train her Service Dog “Coda” She had to “prove” that he could be a Service Dog and Shala has trained this “non” tradional breed to assist her in day to day living with her disability. How could I not enlist this woman who “proved” me wrong as one of our trainers. Shala is extremely good with difficult dogs and is adept at picking out great dogs with potential for becoming Service Dogs. She also heads up our Stillwater division of our training facilities.

Beth Rainbolt
Beth came to us through the Animal Behavior College mentor program. Her history includes head of Animal Control for the City of Glenpool. Beth has been with us for 4 years and is our devoted Pit Bull trainer/fancier (all though many of us own Pitts) She assists with our Board and Train dogs daily as well as our Service Dogs. She also is part of our Muskogee training center.
Look to Beth for sensible advice both at class and at our headquarters in Skiatook.

Grace Bowen
Grace comes to us as an Intern and has now completed her year of observing and assisting. She has a great tiny Therapy Dog “Cookie” and an enthusiastic German Shepherd “Cato” that she has inherited from her sister who went off to college. (She will be glad to give up her inheritance !) and Grace also has one of our Service Dogs to assist her “Pogo”.
Look for Grace at all of our classes helping with advice, and training hints.

Patrick O’Dea
Patrick is a retired Navy man and we are so glad to have him “Aboard”( I know crummy pun) but he brings great humor and common sense and we have quickly made sure he has plenty of dogs at home…Patrick will quietly see that you need help and offer to get you and your dog working over hurdles you may encounter at class. He will eventually head up our Claremore/Pryor class headquarters.

The quality of our trainers sets us apart from many of our competitors; I select my trainers/assistants from the many that apply by their passion for dogs and the difference that they can make by keeping dogs in their original homes through practical, sensible dog training.
We are “Anything but Ordinary” dog training.






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