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Are You a Rude Dog Owner?

  • Jul 16, 2012
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Do you allow your dog to go out to the end of it’s leash when walking and approach every dog it sees and get in the other dogs “face” Do you have some snide comment when the strange dog(and owner) growls or snaps at your dog? Do you think if your dog is allowed to greet every dog it sees that you are “Socializing ” it? If this describes you …You are the person I warn my class members about…YOU are a RUDE dog owner….yes you are…and don’t go there with the “He only wants to say Hi” your dog really could care less about other dogs except you have made him/her that way…Where and when did you decide that that was the way to “Socialize your dog? How’s that working out for you? I’ll bet your poor dog gets growled or snapped at more times then he is met with a dog who thinks your’s is “special” This is not the way to socialize your dog…Get yourself to a great group class where your dog has to pay attention to just you and tune out all the other dogs and people and you will have a dog that can be around other dogs without whirling and twirling.
Will I help you fix your dog that is lunging and growling at other dogs or people 20 yards away? Sure that is easy to fix…will I help you make your dog one that will allow another dog to invade his/her space? (two foot around your self and your dog) NO ..NO I say. No Where is it written that your dog has to let another dog in it’s face…well it may be written somewhere but I would challenge the author…
The same applies to you OVER-PETTERS out there…have you never seen a dog before? Do you not own a dog? What makes you think you need to touch every dog you see? If I see you coming towards me and my dog I will firmly tell you not to pet my dog…that’s right No petting. Now if you approach and ask to pet my dog …that’s a different story…And what’s up with kids and dogs lately? I was walking my BIG black German Shepherd through the PetCo store and she had a stuffed toy in her mouth that she dearly loves .when out of nowhere a little girl came running up and took the stuffed toy right out of my dog’s mouth!!! I was so shocked that I just stood there…and then the Mom of the little girl asked if my dog would bite her over the toy? I wouldn’t of cared if she would of kerchomped that kid……Parents….DO NOT DO NOT let your children run up to strange dogs….just because someone has their dog out in public does not mean that it is safe around people, pets and children….(By the way if your dog is not safe around other pets, people and children) it should not be out in public!! till it has had some training classes!! having it out in public is not how to “fix” that problem….Really!!
Nix on those STUPID flexi-leads too… you have no control over your dog and they are useless and unsafe…I have many tales of dogs dragging their owners….twining them up with the leads or getting eaten out at the end of those leads by a strange dog that is not on leash….it only takes a few seconds and your little dog is killed or injured by a larger loose dog.. because you can’t get to it in time because it is so far away from you…By the way do you know how to get a dog off of another one or God forbid off of a person? Pick up it’s back legs…any dog will let go of whatever it is chomped onto. It works every time….So think before you let your dog run up to another…NO ONE likes a RUDE Dog Owner.


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