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Are You Ready for a Disaster????

  • Apr 3, 2016
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OK once again when I don’t think it’s possible for people to be more unprepared for an impending disaster I am reminded that they NEVER are!!!!! At what point when it is all over the news and yes; you can see impending fire headed the way of your home do you decide “Oh Gee I guess we need to get out” and your poor animals are the ones left behind??? GET A DISASTER PLAN people…don’t rely on strangers to gather up your pets and livestock because you weren’t paying attention!! I am making a slight exception for folks away on vacation or if something would happen while you were at work….but again rely on your neighbors to let or help get your animals to safety.
Your disaster kit should include a CRATE yes and guess what your animal should be crate trained….(cats too). a backpack for each animal or one big enough for supplies for each animal. An extra leash, training collar(one they can’t slip out of), collar with extra set of current name tags, current photographs, food bowls, cat litter and pan; several bottles of water and enough food for six feedings any medications, a few first aid items…benadryl ace bandage, vet wrap, scissors, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, some gauze pads, gauze bandages, Rescue Remedy;  a muzzle or old panty hose to make one out of and a space blanket(the kind you use to keep warm or cool;the one with one side shiny) Keep this with your disaster bag for the people in the house. Make a plan with every member of the family so that someone is in charge of gathering pets….and about that …I ran across so many folks in fires that left their pets behind because they wouldn’t come when called; they couldn’t get a leash on them; they wouldn’t get in the car….they didn’t have room in the car..the list was endless with ignorant excuses…What the HELL is up with this….I have been through two prairie fires and had to evacuate ….and I’ll bet I had probably 5 times as many animals to evacuate as any one person…and I didn’t even consider leaving any behind….Don’t write me about putting animal in front of people’s safety…of course I wouldn’t do such a thing…but get a grip people…I worked Katrina picking up dogs chained to dog houses swimming until they couldn’t anymore and drowned….You people with “outside” dogs…get them leash trained…put them in a car..once in a while…GET A PLAN!!!! Or better yet when you find out in a few days that the pets you left behind perished DON’T GET don’t deserve them….


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