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Urban Herding

  • Jun 18, 2018
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Urban herding (also known as Treibball) is herding without sheep. Instead, dogs herd large exercise balls into a goal using their nose to push it in the right direction. Any dog large or small can do it, and its tons of fun! This six-week workshop develops an incredible bond between you and your dog as he masters off leash obedience and self control. You will learn all the basics of herding including distance control commands to get you started in this fabulous new dog sport. This puts use to your old exercise ball that you don’t use. ūüėČ Urban Herding Tuition is $120.00
Prerequisites: completed an advanced class.

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Board and Train Obedience Program

  • Jun 18, 2018
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During this four week program, your dog/puppy will learn attention getting, sit-stay, come when called, walking on a loose leash, down-stay, go to your mat, appropriate greeting behavior, crate training/potty training as needed, and more in the four week program. This program includes work on impulse control/calming, which builds character into your dog that significantly enhances every part of his or her behavior. This also includes a 6 week group class.

A peaceful/calm relationship between you and your dog is a process that takes ongoing reinforcement and consistency. In our training program, we lay the groundwork and the rules to set you and your pet up for a wonderful life together. Obedience Board and Train Program Tuition is $1500.00

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Early Puppy Obedience Program

  • Jun 18, 2018
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A three week Board and train program that works for puppies 9-14 weeks of age. This program includes crate training/early housebreaking, socialization, and basic obedience. This is a very hands on program that takes advantage of the special learning window from age 8 to 14 weeks. At this age puppies learn faster and more efficiently than at any other time of their lives. Tuition for this program is $925.00
The EARLY PUPPY OBEDIENCE PROGRAM is on a space available basis. Because it is a labor intensive program, we only have a few spots available.

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One on One Training Package

  • Jun 18, 2018
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This popular package includes one ninety minute session, and three, sixty minute sessions. This program is tailored to your specific needs. Presents practical solutions to behavioral problems, and equips you to create a proper and happy relationship with your dog. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR PROGRAM! One on one select package tuition is $575.00

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“Dog Training for Kids”

  • Jan 14, 2018
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A “SweetHeart” of a deal! New for February!
We are offering for the first time ever a class designed just for kids to learn to train their dogs.
Do you have a budding dog trainer? Was a dog purchased for a companion for a specific child in the family?
Starting Friday: February 2nd at 7 pm
Your child and dog/puppy will spend Fridays with our expert staff and the result will be a trained dog and happy child.
Your pup will learn the basics: Attention getting, sit stay, come when called, walk on a loose leash, down stay calming techniques, great games to play with dogs properly, stop jumping, mouthing, and more. Your child will learn how to work as a team with their dog, learn appropriate ways to play and a couple of neat tricks.
The only rule of engagement is that your child can actually handle the dog…once we show them how..i.e 50 pound child….90 pound dog….mmm not the best scenario?
Class size is VERY limited
You MUST call me to enroll!

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New Basic Class Starts Monday July 17th

  • Apr 28, 2017
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Summertime is in full swing…take advantage of our new Basic classes…our basic class offers Attention getting, calming exercises, stop jumping on your guests, sit stay, come when called, leave it, down stay, walking on a loose lead, diet suggestions, and lots lots more.
If group classes may not fit in your schedule we do offer a full 30 day Board and Train package or normal boarding for your vacation plans and for a bit more than our normal board rates we can work on fixing some of those pesky behaviors.

We have class times at 6pm and 8pm
The tuition for our great group classes is $125.00
Class size is limited please give me a call


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New! No No Bad Dog! Training Package…

  • Jun 21, 2015
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I have spent over 40 years successfully rehabilitating aggressive or out of control dogs by humane, common sense methods.
Your dog does not need to lose it’s life over unrealistic expectations or lack of training or structure. You can get these dogs under control or “Fix” them so that your household and your canine companion can happily “co-exist”!.

Our “Other Trainer” Jessica has very aptly stated that “In your lifetime you will own a dog that will make you a dog trainer” You may be faced with one of those dogs.

It may be a dog so out of control you have relegated it to the back yard.
It may be a dog that is a menace to anyone strange or otherwise that enters your home.
It may be a dog that does not play well with others.
It may be a dog that has actually bitten someone.
You need professional help getting these dogs back on track..

This training program gives you the tools and the support to successfully get your dog back under control.
It consists of 3 sets of classes Basic (6 weeks) and two Advanced (16 weeks total) and 1 home visit and unlimited phone support.
The cost of this course is $800
I have a limited amount of space for our “NO NO Bad Dogs” so call to reserve your space.

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New Training Package Limited Time Offer!!

  • Jun 17, 2015
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Do you know that you want a dog that can accompany you as many places as you can take him/her? Do you enjoy the thrill of watching you dog learn a new trick or task? Our new training package may be just what you are looking for!

We are offering our Basic dog training class (6 weeks; 1 hour per week) and adding in our Beyond Basic Dog class (8 weeks, 1 hour per week) a total of 14 weeks of training for $225.00 The normal price is $260.00.Our classes fill quickly and the Beyond Basic clsses have very limited space as they are designed for you to continually spend a fun hour a week with your dog teaching is tasks like finding your cell phone, your car keys, your kids, etc.

This is a way to insure that you will have space in one of our most popular class offerings!

Please call me to reserve your space!

Go Forth and Train!

Marj the Dog Trainer

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Traditional Beginning Dog Classes

  • Mar 18, 2015
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We offer traditional beginning classes for your adult dog or puppy at our custom training facility in Tulsa, at 51st and Memorial!

In a traditional training class, your dog learns to work and learn around strange people and dogs in new environments, you get to network with other dog owners in a fun and relaxing family environment!

Our beginning class covers:

  • Sit Stay and Down Stay
  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Heeling on a Loose Lead
  • Leave it
  • Proper greeting behavior
  • addressing any aggression, anxiety, or problem behaviors
  • crate and potty training


Classes are 6 weeks long, for one hour once a week. When you become a student with us, you also receive unlimited phone support outside of class.

Contact Us Through Email Here


Our classes have a maximum of 12 people and fill quickly, so please call 918-504-1764 today to reserve your spot!



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Doggy Matchmaking Services

  • Feb 3, 2015
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Are you in the market for a new dog, but overwhelmed by the options available to you?

Do you want to rescue a dog, but want to get one that doesn’t have a lot of scary baggage?

The best way to get a great dog is to start out with the right dog for you!

We use our countless hours of experience and in-depth knowledge to help you find the right dog for you and your family! It’s so easy to be mismatched with a dog – one that wants to kill your cat, or knock over your toddler, or drag you down the street and growl at you, and frequently¬†rescues and breeders do not match dogs properly to their people.

We will help you assess rescue dogs for your family using our service dog temperament test if you are looking for a steady, bombproof dog, or we will put you in contact with a real, reputable breeder with a breed that matches your lifestyle¬†using our nationwide trainer’s network!

The results are astounding!


Contact Us Through Email Here

Testament of this service’s worth from a mother in Austin, Texas:

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to let you know that we are so indebted to you for helping Nala/Kachina find her way to us.

I’ve been keeping her on a leash attached to me every day I work at home and letting the cat have his freedom to come/go. Because of that they have met noses multiple times with no incident.

Today I left her off leash after our walk on my lunch hour and she fell fast asleep behind the couch. The cat was asleep on the couch and woke up and stood up as if to say: “What is that noise?!” because she was snoring

This evening she was sleeping on her bed and he (the cat) is (for the first time since she arrived) asleep in his favorite spot on the couch. I think they’re finally accepting each other.

My daughter¬†adores her, and she adores my daughter. When it’s just me at home working she is content to sleep at my feet. When she has to be in her crate, she doesn’t complain a bit.

Thank you so very much. If I had been able to create a perfect dog for our family, it would be her. I can’t thank you enough.”


Kachina was pulled from the Sapulpa Animal Shelter with support from Sapulpa Furry Friends, assessed using our service dog assessment metric, vetted, started on her training, and transported to Austin to be with her family.

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