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Are You Ready for a Disaster????

  • Apr 3, 2016
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OK once again when I don’t think it’s possible for people to be more unprepared for an impending disaster I am reminded that they NEVER are!!!!! At what point when it is all over the news and yes; you can see impending fire headed the way of your home do you decide “Oh Gee I guess we need to get out” and your poor animals are the ones left behind??? GET A DISASTER PLAN people…don’t rely on strangers to gather up your pets and livestock because you weren’t paying attention!! I am making a slight exception for folks away on vacation or if something would happen while you were at work….but again rely on your neighbors to let or help get your animals to safety.
Your disaster kit should include a CRATE yes and guess what your animal should be crate trained….(cats too). a backpack for each animal or one big enough for supplies for each animal. An extra leash, training collar(one they can’t slip out of), collar with extra set of current name tags, current photographs, food bowls, cat litter and pan; several bottles of water and enough food for six feedings any medications, a few first aid items…benadryl ace bandage, vet wrap, scissors, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, some gauze pads, gauze bandages, Rescue Remedy;  a muzzle or old panty hose to make one out of and a space blanket(the kind you use to keep warm or cool;the one with one side shiny) Keep this with your disaster bag for the people in the house. Make a plan with every member of the family so that someone is in charge of gathering pets….and about that …I ran across so many folks in fires that left their pets behind because they wouldn’t come when called; they couldn’t get a leash on them; they wouldn’t get in the car….they didn’t have room in the car..the list was endless with ignorant excuses…What the HELL is up with this….I have been through two prairie fires and had to evacuate ….and I’ll bet I had probably 5 times as many animals to evacuate as any one person…and I didn’t even consider leaving any behind….Don’t write me about putting animal in front of people’s safety…of course I wouldn’t do such a thing…but get a grip people…I worked Katrina picking up dogs chained to dog houses swimming until they couldn’t anymore and drowned….You people with “outside” dogs…get them leash trained…put them in a car..once in a while…GET A PLAN!!!! Or better yet when you find out in a few days that the pets you left behind perished DON’T GET don’t deserve them….

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February Newsletter

  • Feb 1, 2016
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Happy Valentine’s Day!! And February Newsletter….

Treat someone you love (even if it’s your dog) to a “love”ly day!

Well we are off and running in anticipation of our fundraiser….please consider joining the planning committee or gathering things for our raffle baskets…we need folks to talk at meetings …. to get the word out…and to start taking flyers around…we are trying to raise enough to purchase a larger rural location to meet our ever-growing demand for our Service Dogs.
Dates and events:

Save the dates: NO classes of any kind on Saturdays in April

Also Starting in May there will only be 1 Service Dog class per month …the first Saturday of the month.

Thursday February 4th Advanced class Muskogee in old building

Friday, February 12 Women’s Living Expo…Expo Hall 9am to 6pm…I really need two people to open up in the am…

Saturday, February 13 Women’s Living Expo…Expo Hall 9am to 6pm need two people to open up at 9am

Sunday, February 14th Women’s Living Expo..10am to 5pm… plus help to tear down…

Friday, February 19th Poker Run meeting 630 potluck….please I will provide the meat ….

There is no Therapy Dog nite in February

There are NO CLASSES Monday February 15th or Tuesday February 16th ….

Please make sure you are on text system to receive texts regarding class changes and events

Just some quick notes regarding my hours of operation:
I will take calls from 8 am to 5pm Monday thru Friday and from 9pm to 12 midnight…
I will take calls from 3 to 5 pm ONLY on Saturdays….
I will take NO calls on Sunday unless it is an emergency…I define an emergency as any type of gushing blood, a missing dog,
Or any type of Service Dog Problem….

Please remember that I teach EVERY evening from 5 to 9pm…you will not get an answer to a text or a call during those times.

Also Please Please DO NOT call or text me the same day prior to an event for me to answer questions…you can text to tell me you will be late or not attending ….but not where or when event is you can find all that information on the internet or by our text system.

Please if you are approaching the end of your 8 lessons for advanced classes plan to pay your tuition on time. You need to be keeping track of the number of classes you attend…


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September Newsletter!

  • Aug 26, 2015
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Fall is my most favorite time of year!!!
As usual September promises to be REALLY busy! …

Sadly we have just passed the 1 year anniversary of the passing of our much loved Trainer and Friend Autumn Massie…our thoughts a prayers go to Katie her sister and Chris her husband who are still very much a part of our family!!
Many new things are on the horizon. Fall is the best time to move forward with new things and ventures…

Many Many thanks to the Sunrise Rotary club..for the FANTASTIC benefit dinner!! It was a blast and they raised an unbelievable amount of money for Glad Wags…I am still in shock!! We will be able to help so many more children this year!!

Jessica my trainer of many years is opening her own training center in the Pearl District!! I am so excited for her! I know all of us will be on board to help with any wall painting, floor scrubbing etc. when she gets near to opening day.
Also I have rented a new building in Muskogee!! It will be our own space and I am excited about that and we will need some extra hands to clean out space and lay down those big heavy mats…paint etc.!! The Grand Opening of that space will be after first of year!!
Thursday Sept 3rd Graduation Muskogee
Thursday Sept 10th NO Classes in Muskogee
Thursday Sept 10, Friday Sept 11th and Saturday Sept 12th Blue Grass and Chili Festival..Claremore..
Saturday Sept 12 No Saturday Classes Tulsa
Monday Sept 14 New Basic Class 8pm Tulsa
Thursday Sept 17th New Basic class Muskogee
Friday Sept 18 Therapy Dog Night ..Road trip!! Coffeyville Kansas 7pm dinner afterwards somewhere! Details to follow
Saturday Sept 19th Bark for Life 9am to 12pm ORU we will have a booth..
Saturday Sept 19th Advanced classes moved to 2pm
Thursday Sept 24th No classes Muskogee
Friday Sept 25 Therapy Dog Night Parkside 6:15 pm
Saturday Sept 26th 1pm Public Access Testing Service Dogs only …NO ADVANCED CLASSES that day! We will only test 8 dogs that day..check with Marj to see if you are one of the 8…
Make sure you are on our text notification system…so you can receive updates

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August Newsletter

  • Aug 1, 2015
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Gosh where has the summer gone???

As usual August and September are promising to be very busy!!!

Let’s get up and running for new and complicated tasks for our dogs for their “Back to School” too!

It still continues to be HOT HOT HOT…none of your dogs need be outside in this heat; it’s exhausting for them and you MUST provide a way for them to get cool if they have been out in the heat all day.i.e. Come inside where it is air conditioned to get and stay cool…Please Please report any of your neighbors for dogs that are left out in this heat without enough water….or a place to get cool. A plastic dog house is not a place that a dog can go to get cool!!!!

Please check out the new Marjthedogtrainer Facebook page…it has new info updated daily and including a tip of the week…and please read my rant “Murder by Dog”.

And don’t miss our newest fundraising raffle for Miss Lilli Brant it is a doosey!!!

Please make note of our dates and continue to watch the websites and Facebook pages for more timely information and updates about what is going on…

Saturday August 1 Advanced and Service Dog classes start again …

Saturday August 15 Lobster dinner to benefit Glad Wags (our Service Dog program) last day to get tickets is August 1st?

Let’s let the Sunrise Rotary know how much we appreciate their efforts to be a corporate sponsor for our Service Dogs!! I know tickets are pricey…but it’s once a year?…

Friday August 21 Therapy Dog Night …Parkside …6:15 pm

Thursday August 27th NO classes Muskogee..

Save the Dates:

Monday September 7th Labor Day ..the Great Raft Race …we will have a raft and a booth…get your raft racing skills ready…raft party TBA I need 5 water ready professional’s to man and race the raft….I need your names by August 8th…

Thursday to Saturday September 10, 11, and 12 Chili cook off in Claremore we will have a booth..

Saturday September 19th Bark for Life ORU campus.. 9 am till 12 pm

The remodeling to the Service Dog building is almost done Thank you to all who donated to update this important space for our dogs…

I am looking for investors to help purchase the Tail Waggers store next to us: it is for sale again and I want to purchase it to help support the Service Dog program…Interested? Call or see Marj.

Go Forth and Train!!

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July Newsletter

  • Jul 10, 2015
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The summer is progressing quickly! Not sure where it has gone already!

Relevant Dates:


New Basic class starts: 8 pm Monday July 13th
New Basic class starts: 7 pm Tuesday July 21
New Day Training starts July 20th!

Friday July 17th Therapy Dog night Parkside 6:15 pm RSVP to Marj by the 15th please

No Classes Thursday July 23 Muskogee

Sunday July 26th Bark in the Park at Drillers Stadium 7pm, we will have a booth so we will need some help there. RSVP to see!

NO Classes Monday July 27th

Friday July 24th Therapy Dog night Claremore 6:30 weather permitting. Dinner at Hammet House after or maybe everyone bring a picnic supper and we will go to park and eat. RSVP for both by the 22nd please.

Thursday July 30 Makeup class for Muskogee 7:30pm

I am sure I have made my normal mistakes and things will have changed by the time I print this and bring it to class so watch the websites and the Facebook pages for those pesky updates!

Go Forth and Train!


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Just a Reminder!

  • Jul 4, 2015
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No Saturday classes in July…see you during the week on Mondays or Tuesdays..
Advanced classes are Mondays at 7pm or Tuesdays at 6pm
call if you need me!

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June 2015 Newsletter

  • Jun 1, 2015
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Oh my gosh I think it hasn’t rained today!I

I sure hope that the rainy season is now behind us!

Please join us on June 17th for “Bark in the Park” at Drillers stadium.

I will be having a booth there and will have a few tickets for those of you who want to come watch the game; otherwise the tickets are $10 each to sit on the grass with your dog and watch the game – come prepared for any type of weather.

If you are on our Therapy Dog or our Demo Dog team I will be making another shirt order…$25 each on Wednesday the 3rd of June.


Thursday 4 of June new beginning class in Muskogee 7:30 pm

Saturday 6th of June! 3:00pm Field trip for Service Dogs, bring $ for admission/lunch

Saturday 13th of June 2:00 line up for parade in Choteau – Always fun for a dog to have a “new” event to go to.

Friday 19th of June 6pm Therapy Dog night Parkside.

Friday 26th of June 6:30 on Sterling House in Claremore

Get your flea and tick treatment on your lawns or get your lawn guy to spray right away….do not wait any longer in order to stay ahead of those pesky critters!!

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Sign up for Text Updates on Events, Classes, etc!

  • May 6, 2015
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We have a new system for update reminders on events!

If you would like to sign up for our text alert system that reminds you when we have events, please send the message @gladwags1 to the number 81010 (81010 is the “phone number” you are sending the message “@gladwags1” to!) and that will sign you up for the service!

We hope this will help everybody out!

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May 2015 Newsletter

  • Apr 29, 2015
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May 2015 Newsletter

Heartfelt thanks to all of you that helped with the Poker Run and those of you who came to support us! Thank you just doesn’t express how grateful I am. I am truly blessed by all of you who believe in what we do!



Heads up! There will be no SATURDAY classes in the month of July! 


May seems to be getting busy already!

Friday 8 May Therapy Dog visit to Sterling House in Claremore, 630 pm we will have dinner at Hammet House after! I need a pie fix.

Saturday 9 May No Saturday Classes Tulsa – this day is the Bark for Life fundraiser for American Cancer Society … we will have a booth, you are welcome to come join our team!!!

Time is 2 to 5 pm at ORU campus.

Friday 15 May Therapy Dog Nite Parkside..6pm

No classes Saturday 23 May, It’s Memorial Day Weekend

No classes Monday 25 May, Memorial Day

Thursday 28 May NO Classes Muskogee


If you need vacation boarding..for this summer please book with me or Jessica now as our spots are filling quickly!!

SAVE THE DATE:  SEPT 10 to 12 booth at Bluegrass and Chili Festival in Claremore, should be fun!!


Make sure that you are keeping up with your flea and tick treatments for the dogs, be sure that they are clean and have no fleas or ticks when we do Therapy Dog visits – plus we don’t want to “share” with the other dogs at class! And remember, look into using nematodes to treat your yard as a safe, organic, natural solution to fleas, ticks, and other parasites (including lawn grubs).


I am still looking for a larger place to live in –  if you know of a place for lease, or to purchase, with at least 10 acres within one hour of Tulsa please let me know! It needs to be a 3 bedroom house with some outbuildings, OR a reasonable parcel that a nice manufactured home can be put on!

Also I am looking for a dog sitter so I can “get out of Dodge” as it were, on vacation sometime this summer! It is essentially kennel work, but I pay very, very well!


Go Forth and Train!!



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March 2015 Newsletter

  • Feb 25, 2015
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March Newsletter…



The year is flying by! Our POKER RUN is coming up quickly; I really need some more volunteers to help with collecting donations and sponsors. If you own a business…or frequent a business that appreciates what a difference a Service Dog can make in a person’s life we NEED their support! Everything that you donate is fully tax deductible and I can write you a receipt for your taxes!!


We could use some restaurant gift cards…maybe some quick trip cards…we are still collecting liquor and accessories that can go in our “Stock your Bar” basket. Also anything that might go with a telescope. A book, anything to do with Astronomy…please also encourage your family, friends and countrymen to attend the “After Party”. It is family friendly and will start about 4:30 pm and go until?


Here are those all important Dates:

Sunday March 1   2 pm Training in Arkansas. Clarksville rec center


NO Advanced classes Thursday March 5, Muskogee


Thursday March 5 New Beginning class Muskogee 7:30 pm (class sold out)


Friday March 13, Poker Run meeting 7 pm dinner will be prepared.


Friday March 20 Therapy Dog night 6 pm Parkside.


Thursday March 26 NO classes Muskogee


Friday March 27 Therapy Dog night 6:30 pm at “Sterling House” Claremore (address to follow)



NO Saturday Classes in April!!!


Saturday April 5th…All day NADOI conference OKC


Saturday April 11 Azalea Parade Muskogee


Saturday April 18 1 mile walk to benefit Parkside Physc. Hospital


Saturday April 25 Poker Run to Benefit Glad Wags Service Dogs 9 am Training center.

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