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Decidedly Dangerous: Retractable Leashes

  • Nov 10, 2012
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More serious injury and death is caused by these products than any other dog management/training tool, in my experience.. not only do you not have any real control of your dog it is impossible to correct them or make any real headway with behavior problems when walking your dog. Also when your dog is 15 to 26 feet out in front of you they are “bait” for roaming dogs, hooligan kids, etc. Here is a laundry list of Retractable lead horror stories..if after reading this you want to still use one…all I can say is you were warned….
Leash is dropped- your dog frightened by the plastic leash handle now zipping noisily toward him, bolts. The leash seems to chase him. Your dog runs into the street or races blindly away to be lost.

Cord/tape is grabbed- Your grab the cord or tape as it plays out, the injury is immediate, your flesh is cut like meat.

Cord/tape wraps around you (or someone else)- Again, deep wounds but also risk of amputation, especially of fingers.

Clip/collar breaks – When this happens, the leash retracts at full speed and the end of the line that does not go into the handle whips around at top speed. Injuries to eyes,teeth and face result.

These things DO happen! Here are a few real-life stories:
Dog runs ahead of her human into an elevator. Doors close, car goes . Dog dies.

Dog dashes into the road and under the wheels of a car. Dog dies.

Dog runs around his human then bolts after a squirrel. Owner goes to the ER with ankle wounds down to the bone.

Dog bolts after another dog, pulls person over, drags her along the ground, cord gets tangled in her hand. Finger amputated.

Dog walking on the other side of road from person. Bicyclist comes around corner; to avoid hurting either dog or person or both with a tangle; the biker runs bike off the the side. Dislocates both shoulders and breaks a wrist.

Now common sense would dictate that you would not be walking with your dog on the other side of the road…but I do see people using these leads without any regard to the safety of their dog or other people.

Is a little “extra freedom” worth it?
Worth the risk of serious injury or death to you, your dog or someone else?
Please use a regular leash, It’s safer, for everyone.


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