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  • Feb 3, 2015
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Are you in the market for a new dog, but overwhelmed by the options available to you?

Do you want to rescue a dog, but want to get one that doesn’t have a lot of scary baggage?

The best way to get a great dog is to start out with the right dog for you!

We use our countless hours of experience and in-depth knowledge to help you find the right dog for you and your family! It’s so easy to be mismatched with a dog – one that wants to kill your cat, or knock over your toddler, or drag you down the street and growl at you, and frequently rescues and breeders do not match dogs properly to their people.

We will help you assess rescue dogs for your family using our service dog temperament test if you are looking for a steady, bombproof dog, or we will put you in contact with a real, reputable breeder with a breed that matches your lifestyle using our nationwide trainer’s network!

The results are astounding!


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Testament of this service’s worth from a mother in Austin, Texas:

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to let you know that we are so indebted to you for helping Nala/Kachina find her way to us.

I’ve been keeping her on a leash attached to me every day I work at home and letting the cat have his freedom to come/go. Because of that they have met noses multiple times with no incident.

Today I left her off leash after our walk on my lunch hour and she fell fast asleep behind the couch. The cat was asleep on the couch and woke up and stood up as if to say: “What is that noise?!” because she was snoring

This evening she was sleeping on her bed and he (the cat) is (for the first time since she arrived) asleep in his favorite spot on the couch. I think they’re finally accepting each other.

My daughter adores her, and she adores my daughter. When it’s just me at home working she is content to sleep at my feet. When she has to be in her crate, she doesn’t complain a bit.

Thank you so very much. If I had been able to create a perfect dog for our family, it would be her. I can’t thank you enough.”


Kachina was pulled from the Sapulpa Animal Shelter with support from Sapulpa Furry Friends, assessed using our service dog assessment metric, vetted, started on her training, and transported to Austin to be with her family.


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