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“I Read Somewhere That I Shouldn’t Use a Crate for Punishment”

  • Jul 24, 2012
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Really? Where did you read that? Of course everything you read on the internet is “True”!!! I am not sure what year that I started hearing that from training clients…Well now you can say you “read” somewhere that you “Can” use a crate for punishment….I am NOT saying to use your crate for only punishment that wouldn’t make sense…however..think of your dog’s crate as his/her “Room”. Picture this; My child just colored my walls with permanent marker…after letting him know how much trouble he is in I now send him to his room to think about his crappy behavior. (this analogy does not work if you never would send your child to his room; I would surmise that you have an unruly child as well as a dog) The same with your dog …if you have caught him with your best pair of flip flops…I am going to make my correction and then send him to his crate to “think” about it…If your dog does something naughty and you barely correct him and nothing else happens ..I would venture to guess that he will repeat the behavior time and time again with most behaviors getting worse and worse. I have used crating after crappy behavior for 38 some years and the behavior stops OH SO quickly and we can move on to bigger and better things. Again I welcome any debate on this subject…(and gee my dogs love their crates…).And I don’t care if”Mrs.Harper” (fictional character) says not to use a crate for punishment….what makes her more an expert than me?….


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