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Kuma’s Journey

  • May 18, 2013
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My name is Autumn.


This is my dog Kuma.

Over a year ago or so I came to Marj with 2 problems. Kuma was a
grumpy dog that did not know how to behave around kids. Nor did he know how to behave around other dogs.

True story.

He would huff when other dogs got in his space and would over power kids and knock them over. 1 class with Marj and some brave dogs to handle an English Mastiffs rudeness… He was done with pushing other dogs around. It was then that I learned how to relax.

With the kids… I don’t even know how to thank Marj fully for him helping with the kid issue. I hope to have a child in the near future and I seriously, before this issue was corrected, thought maybe I shouldn’t. That Kuma might hurt it. Not that he would mean to, but when you’re so big to something so small, bad things can happen. Now, Kuma is a Therapy Dog!!! Who would of thought? Mr. Pushy, a Therapy Dog!? He has aided in therapeutic needs from children ranging from ages 4 to the elderly. I am so proud of him.

Since the first meeting, I have learned a lot about Kuma. I have grown for the better. Mostly, I appreciate every good dog moment that arises and know that it is the payoff of a great trainer, doing the homework, and knowing my dog.

Thank you so much Marj! I am ever so grateful for your hard work, long hours, and late night phone calls to help me when in need.




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