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New! No No Bad Dog! Training Package…

  • Jun 21, 2015
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I have spent over 40 years successfully rehabilitating aggressive or out of control dogs by humane, common sense methods.
Your dog does not need to lose it’s life over unrealistic expectations or lack of training or structure. You can get these dogs under control or “Fix” them so that your household and your canine companion can happily “co-exist”!.

Our “Other Trainer” Jessica has very aptly stated that “In your lifetime you will own a dog that will make you a dog trainer” You may be faced with one of those dogs.

It may be a dog so out of control you have relegated it to the back yard.
It may be a dog that is a menace to anyone strange or otherwise that enters your home.
It may be a dog that does not play well with others.
It may be a dog that has actually bitten someone.
You need professional help getting these dogs back on track..

This training program gives you the tools and the support to successfully get your dog back under control.
It consists of 3 sets of classes Basic (6 weeks) and two Advanced (16 weeks total) and 1 home visit and unlimited phone support.
The cost of this course is $800
I have a limited amount of space for our “NO NO Bad Dogs” so call to reserve your space.


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