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Recommended Foods!

  • Feb 3, 2015
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Your dogs oral misbehaviors are heavily influenced by the dog food you choose! This includes over-barking, destructive chewing, and aggression towards other dogs and people. Also common sense would dictate that when you feed your dog properly (as they would feed themselves) they live long healthy lives! Please take notice that dogs were not meant to live on dry dog food alone (that does not mean to feed them canned food).  In all of our beginning classes, everybody always asks for a list of recommended foods, so I finally sat down and compiled it.

Other sound sources of GOOD information about dog food are Whole Dog Journal, Dog Food Advisor (online) or a great ground-breaking book, “Foods Pets Die For” by Ann Martin.

You will know your dog is not using it’s food properly because they will shed all the time (they should only shed twice a year) they may have bad breath, (also may indicate parasites) more stools out in back yard, can’t learn.

Never buy more dog food than you can use in 3 weeks. Why? because the fat they  spray on the food at the last of the processing starts to deteriorate once the bag is open. If the fat has gone bad your dog may vomit, refuse to eat the food (smart dog) have loose stools, and other stomach and digestive ailments. Be sure to store your food in an air tight container.

1) Victor – great price point, USA made and sourced. Marj uses the yellow bag, Jessica prefers the Ocean Fish formula:

2) Fromm – Old, excellent company out of Wisconsin. Highly recommended!

3) Merrick – excellent food, a little bit pricier if you’re feeding multiple dogs:
Note: I tried the Whole Earth Farms branch of the Merrick brand and didn’t like it, but it’s your choice!

4) Bil-Jac – old company, one of Marj’s favourites, especially the BilJac meat for weaning puppies:

5) Earthborn Holistic – Good, US made food:

6) Evanger’s – excellent food, a little hard to find in Tulsa but worth it!

7) Wysong – the ONLY veterinary diet we recommend!

8) Natural Balance

9) Castor & Pollux (which can be found at Reasor’s stores now)

10) Fresh Pet

11) Natural Instinct

12) Nature’s Variety Instinct.

These others I would feed if the price was lower:


What foods we do NOT recommend!

Purina Pro Plan
Science Diet
Blue Buffalo (We have had a lot of problems with this food recently so it’s made it to this list)
Any of the weird grocery store brands (Ol’ Roy, Gravy Train, Kibbles n’ Bits, Alpo)



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