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Service Dog Training Update…

  • Jul 22, 2014
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Ok is the scoop! I expect any Service Dog clients  to be present for training at least once a month…or twice a month if you have just received your dog..this is a moot point if you live more than a 61/2 hour drive from the training center.

I expect you to be at training classes if your dog is experiencing some crappy behaviors (or Not.)

I also will take dogs for assessment and re-training for 1 to two weeks if needed or longer if I see/hear that your dog is having mis-behaviors and you are having trouble correcting or stopping those behaviors.

It is CRITICAL that you do not allow your dog to act up in public!!!! if you have episodes that require  you to remove your dog from a public space you MUST call me and let me know what has happened and what you did to correct it.

If you see that you need your dog to do some different tasks that were not trained originally I will help you train the dog to do that task or will take the dog and train that task and return the dog to you (within reason).

If we have to take your dog for assessment and re-training and you have had your dog for more than 6 months you will be charged standard Board and Train rates…of $30.00 per day.

Dogs will be dogs will be dogs…not every mis-behavior requires re-training. But if you have repeated mis-behaviors, or behaviors that are getting worse you must contact me and show up for training classes.

Training classes that are available for you to attend are Mondays at 7pm; Tuesdays at 6pm or at 8pm or Saturdays at 1pm the class on Saturday is dedicated to Service Dogs only but you can attend any advanced class.











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