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Testimonial – Board & Train

  • Feb 1, 2016
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I highly recommend the Board & Train program with Marj the Dog Trainer! I learned about it from a friend and decided to give it a try!At first, it seemed expensive, but considering my dog could live 16 years or so and he has ruined several rooms full of rugs and carpets, I justified the price. Marj also GUARANTEES the program. So, if the behavior is not corrected or if your dog (like mine) is a slower learner, she will keep working with him until she and you are happy. Our Oliver, a Lhasa apso, is now a great member of our family! I am beyond happy with his success! He sleeps happily all night, has not had a single accident in the two months he has been back home (this is a MIRACLE), comes when he is called and does not race through our home wildly tearing up any object he can find. He is calm, controllable and respectful! And believe me, while cute, he is not the brightest guy….so Marj is a MIRACLE WORKER!Thanks, Marj, for ensuring us a long happy life with our furry friend.

Natalie Richardson, Tulsa, OK


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