The Best Dog Training in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We offer practical, sensible dog training in Tulsa, Oklahoma that works to resolve your dog’s problematic behavior.


From puppy training to get you started in the right direction to service dog training to addressing the most stubborn (or scary!) behavioral issues in adult dogs, we use our decades of experience and expertise to help you live in peace with your dog!

Our dog training works because we not only train your dog ourselves, but teach you as the owner to handle and maintain that training with effective, straightforward, and honest support – we don’t just teach the dog, we give you the keys to lifetime success!

When you work with us, you can rest assured you will always have the skills to get your dog to become a polite canine citizen. We hold ourselves to a very high standard so you know that we will exceed your expectations!

We think that having a dog should never be a burden, but instead an opportunity to discover the true potential of the animal-human bond in light of current applied animal behavior science.

Dogs learn from a mixture of enforcing boundaries on unwanted behaviors and rewarding desired behaviors, and our training uses both for a well-rounded approach.

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 Watch This Video to See What To Expect From Our Training


Kelly is a young hearing dog in training – this video is an example of the support we provide to dog owners and the results you can expect!


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