Is It Time To Call Marj?

Marjorie “The Dog Trainer” Satterfield is an award winning author, breeder, exhibitor, trainer and judge. Marj has been instructing professionally since 1974. She has trained dogs in all facets, including competitive obedience (all levels), conformation handling, stock dogs, Therapy dogs, service dogs (Freedom Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs International), tracking, search and rescue and protection work.  Additionally, she has started successful  inmate dog training programs. As a 4-H leader for 20+ years she has a special interest in dogs and kids working together.

Part of Marj’s career history includes radio and TV shows, productions of Pet trade shows, numerous published articles and a soon-to-be-published book!  She has one son (a great trainer in his own right) and shares her home with various rescue dogs, cats, birds, emu’s and various livestock.

Marj believes that very few dogs are “untrainable,” in fact, it’s often the owners’ behavior that is sending mixed messages to the dog, resulting in a “bad” dog.  Is your dog impossible to house train, chewing your favorite shoes, barking at the wind, dashing out the door, terrified of thunderstorms (or earthquakes!), growling at strangers or suffering from separation anxiety?

Or maybe you, like so many others, are tired of getting dragged around the neighborhood by your furry friend who thinks that “heel” means to pull your arm out of its socket as he/she charges ahead on your walks.If so maybe it is time to “Call Marj”

A sensible loving approach and an acute understanding of dog behavior coupled with over 38 years of professional experience gives Marj a special insight to dog training.

Is it time to call Marj?  Call 918-504-1764 or email Marj for your free phone consultation, to register for an upcoming group class, or to request an in-home personal training session.